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10 Reasons to Install CCTV

10 Reasons Why You Should Deploy a CCTV Monitoring Solution Accross your farming Operation


1. Security (prevention, prosecution, recovery)

Criminals and animal activists tend to target operations that do not have a monitoring system. Cameras can detect motion and trigger warning emails to be sent for outside of hours movement or in predetermined access zones.

2. Operation monitoring

Being able to monitor your operation both on and off-site leads to increased operational efficiency especially with resource allocation (both human and machinery) as well as heavy transport management. It also aids in constant improvement strategies

3. Staff training and education

Staff are the most important asset in your operation, being able to monitor leads to a win-win situation where trainers and trainees can review footage to help make improvements and develop better skills giving the staff increase confidence.

4. Occupational health safety

By implementing monitoring of work safety, it ensures all stakeholders adhere to site rules to ensure the safety of themselves and their co-workers. It can enable you to prevent an accident happening and also protect the organisation from any bogus workers compensation claims.

5. Animal welfare and behaviour monitoring

Being able to monitor animal behaviour in real-time as well as being able to review incidents over a period of time can ensure the constant improvement of animal welfare. Technology is coming that will use CCTV footage for animal identification and health monitoring.

6. Encourage good behaviour

CCTV cameras help in creating discipline among employees, contractors and visitors to your site.

7. weighbridge Automation

In a busy operation weighbridge automation with number plate recognition technology from CCTV cameras can enable strict business processes to be automated, implemented and be streamlined to increase efficiencies across all aspects of the operation from billing and auditing to chain of custody and traceability of inbound and outbound commodity movements.

8. Feed bunker observation

Being able to monitor the bunkers remotely can save time and allow more careful analysis and review for rationing adjustments.

9. Insurance premiums

Many insurers will now consider if CCTV cameras are installed or not when calculating your insurance premium.

10. cross technology integration

Sometimes seeing is believing and that’s why although modern sensors can be relied upon, sometimes having real-time streaming footage of water pumps, dam levels, drinking troughs levels and water tanks can be a very effective tool in preventing critical asset shortages or deterioration of critical inputs. . CCTV footage is now being used in conjunction with other technologies for useful efficiency gaining benefits in farming operations.