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Automated Weighbridge

Fully Automated (Unmanned) Weighbridges


No longer just the humble weighbridge! It collects data, is vital for accurate recording and invoicing of loads and can improve efficiency. In many cases it is a vital tool to determine the current storage level of silos and thereby determining orders and the scheduling of deliveries. Data can be used to track how long vehicles spend on-site which can help identify any inefficiencies in your workflow process.

With the increase in trend in food traceability and security, the fully automated weighbridge can be used to enhance your bio security strategies and food origin commitments.

Fully automated weighbridge is particularly useful in increasing efficiency for repetitive runs made by prequalified vehicles delivering or collecting stock/materials. The initial investment is paid back by savings on personnel, the speed and accuracy of the system’s data, prevention of product giveaway and the potential to extend operating hours, even to a 24/7 operation.

With the right software, the weighbridge can be part of a wider security and traffic management system, e.g. in addition to collecting data about the vehicle and driver, tare and loaded weight, load details and date and time, there may be photographic records of the vehicle, the driver and the load taken by CCTV cameras — these all form part of your security system for your operation.

It can also collect photographic proof of the load carried in or off-site. With the latest compression technology, these images can be archived for later reference, if needed. These images are a powerful deterrent against theft and help resolve invoice/bill queries.

An important benefit and cost minimisation strategy of an unmanned system is that it helps enforce health and safety. It eliminates the need for the driver to leave the cab whilst on the weighbridge and can prevent a vehicle from leaving the site if its load capacity exceeds a pre-set weight on the weighbridge.

The the modern automated weighbridge is at the heart of your operation. To unlock its full potential and help your business save costs, consider an investment in an automated, unmanned system. Contact TechMyFarm today and make the switch to a fully automated weighbridge.