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Farm Security

Farm Security

Are you inviting thieves to target your farm?


When you visit the city do you park your car with the windows down, keys in the ignition and $200 cash on the front seat? Of course not. You would never give thieves that opportunity, but did you ever stop to think that you may be doing something similar by not protecting your farm? Giving thieves the perfect opportunity to steal from you…

Perpetrators of rural crime do not discriminate on the type of farming organisation whether it’s the family farm or a large-scale enterprise level farming organisation. Such is the case that police forces across the country now have investigation teams dedicated to rural crime.

According to the DPI, only 30% of farmers report crimes on their properties because they believe they have little or no chance of catching the perpetrators and getting their assets back.

Rural crime is costing farmers millions and millions of dollars per year with crimes such as

·         Stock theft

·         Diesel and fuel theft

·         Chemical theft

·         Plant and equipment theft

·         Illegal hunting/shooting and other trespass

Don’t just take our word for it, do a quick google search and you will see official figures. The statistics are backed up by the police and various farming organisations.

Another disturbing trend is the increase incidence of illegal trespassing by extreme activists, being able to identify such trespasses is crucial to prosecution especially as new trespass laws may be being brought in soon that carry heavier penalties. But being able to identify these people is crucial that is why you the correct CCTV system suitable for farm conditions.

Padlocks are not enough! A pair of bolt cutters or a cordless angle grinder make light work of padlock removal.

Wi-Fi Real-time live streaming CCTV is a fantastic proactive deterrent and loss mitigation strategy for rural crime. Both mains powered and Solar system powered 24/7 with desktop and smart phone access anywhere in the world and email alerts.

Insurance companies are now starting to offer insurance discounts to landholders who have CCTV, and may soon insist on at least a basic CCTV setup.

Call TechMyFarm on 02 8038 5058 we service Australia Wide!

24/7 Monitoring of Driveways and Access Roads with night vision

24/7 Monitoring of Driveways and Access Roads with night vision

Other measures you can deploy include:

·         Gate sensing technology with flashing lights and sirens, immediate email alerts etc,

·         Automatic gate opening/closing with alerts and smart device control from anywhere you are connected to the internet

·         ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology

·         GPS tracking of High Cost plant/machinery

The ‘Bush telegraph’ effect. Often rural crime has some sort of ‘inside knowledge’ associated with it. Once it is known you have deployed effective security measures it less likely that your property will be targeted.

Talk to TechMyFarm today we deploy farm and rural security solutions to protect you livelihood