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Farm Security Solutions

Farm Wide CCTV Connetced via Long Range Wi-Fi Security and Monitoring Solution

We combined the awesome power and flexibility of long-range Wi-Fi with HD resolution 24/7 live streaming CCTV to protect your farm whether your on-site or off the property, you can check and monitor 24 hours a day wherever you’re connected to your local network or the Internet.

The first question we are usually asked here at TechMyFarm is: I don’t have any power available so how can I install 24-hour live streaming CCTV? The simple answer is that you can and TechMyFarm does this every day. We have fully remote solar and battery powered CCTV kits that we can deploy virtually anywhere. Of course in locations where you have power you obviously simply use the available power, so usually your monitoring system would utilise both solar power and mains power sites to complete your network. Unlike some other providers who systems fail after just one day of cloudy weather the TechMyFarm standard kit is designed to handle four days of cloudy weather and to be able to recharge to full capacity in just two days while still powering the equipment. We have found that this strategy in most cases meets the expectations of our clients whilst still keeping the deployment at an affordable price. Of course, in some cases where it is absolutely mission-critical, we build bigger capacity systems that have a longer backup period.

The second question we are ask is how do we connect the camera to the network or network video recording device when the camera needs to be in a remote location? Well in most cases the answer is by using cost-effective long-range Wi-Fi, are… you might say, ‘what I’ve heard Wi-Fi is good so long as you have a clear line of sight but I have trees on my property’? In nearly almost all cases. a long-range Wi-Fi solution can be deployed on any farm. In many cases it’s as simple as adding in a relay point. These relay points do not slow down your network speed and enable you to avoid obstacles and still create a cost-effective viable farm wide network. We also utilise existing infrastructure such as RTK (tractor steer)/UHF towers, silos or we deploy cost-effective antenna mast towers over the tree height that have a very small footprint, are cheap to install and very reliable. To to learn more about long-range Wi-Fi check out our TechMyComm page

No Ongoing Subscription Fees Ever!

No Ongoing Subscription Fees Ever!