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WiFi Solar Weather station

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Put your weather station where you need to collect the data! Regardless if it is close to your home or 10km away! Our Integrated weather stations can be monitored in real time via a fantastic HTML5 dashboard on your phone, tablet or PC/MAC both on your LAN and WAN from anywhere in the world wherever you have an interconnection. We have integrated solutions that give you all the features and reliability of a commercial grade weather station but at an affordable price.

Have you considered just how valuable a weather station is? It’s not just for your day-to-day operations. In fact a connected weather station is one of the most underrated pieces of equipment on a property.

How many times have you experienced and heard when an area just 5km away received rain but your property did not receive any! (or Vice versa) Or when part of a property receives rain but another part does not. What this tells you is that you cannot rely on government weather stations for data – It is simply not accurate enough.

Remember that a good weather station does not just monitor above the ground – It can also monitor the soil. The soil data is a very powerful tool to help you may key strategic decisions.

A weather station’s data can be used as part of your decision making process. Especially once a few seasons have passed. You can look for patterns which may enable you to produce commodities that prior to actively monitoring the weather station you would have never considered.

And how about the value of your land? Everybody knows that land with a well-documented history of a  pasture/fertility improvement programme carries more value than a property that as no documented programme (even if it has been improved). The same story is true for meteorological data, If a buyer were to rely on government weather stations to decide if a property is suitable, it may exclude them from purchasing land because it does not meet their requirements. However, had the land had well documented climatic data (from weather stations actually on the property than the land that was always suitable (but had no proof) becomes a more valuable property

A TechMyFarm weather station can be more than a weather station, it can be your eyes in the paddock by adding surveillance cameras that can stream live video to your PC, phone or tablet. It is obvious just how many benefits that video surveillance can add to a property but now it is also is affordable and practical with remote solar deployments.

Remote weather stations combined with our remote power and long range communication solutions can also serve as nodes for local sensor networks and send the valuable data for monitoring and analysis.

Click here to purchase your connected Weather Station