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WiFi Systems

For your Teched-up Smart Farm your communications system is and will be the back bone of your operation. In the noughties 3G was touted as the great communications  technology solution for remote communications but it has been plagued by unreliable service and coverage, limited actual usable  bandwidth and ongoing services and usage charges. Although it should not be completely excluded from a farm's communication infrastructure in most cases there are better solutions.

Enter the Domain of Long-range, high throughput Wi-Fi. Some people may try to argue that compared to 3G it has a much higher power demand. But this is the thinking of 10 years ago. If your going to take the time and effort to set up say for an example a remote weather station, why sell yourself short there, you can add to the weather station CCTV cameras, soil sensors and other useful equipment and have it all powered via a solar system then have the  resulting feeds, pictures and streams at your fingertips on your smart devices and desktop computers.

You can deploy low powered wi-fi and radio powered  sensor networks and have them report to your Master Hub and have this data beamed many kilometres away back to the homestead and into the cloud.